Department of Electrical Engineering

Looking around ourselves, we can see a mass of electrical machines. To keep pass with global growth, experts need to earn the knowledge required. According to growth rate of electricity, 1500 megawatt should be added to production capacity which requires constructing new power stations as well as graduate electrical power experts. As a matter of fact, job opportunity for control engineers has been extended due to the fact that wherever massive engineering complex exists, presence of a control engineer is required. Telecommunication & electrical engineers can be hired in ministry of communication & Information technology, Industry, Defense & other government & private organization. This department is ready to accept students in these fields:

  • B.Eng    Electronic technology (dis)
  • B.Eng    control technology- instrumentation (dis)
  • B.Eng    electrical technology- power (dis)
  • A.Eng    electronic engineering - general

head of electricity department: Ehsan Soleiman
Education expert: Ms zihayat(con)