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Library is one of the most important issues to which the Board always pays attention.
This library includes two separate studying halls.
Currently there are more than 3000 scientific, professional & general books and 850 architecture, computer & accounting projects.
Automatically each student of this institute becomes a member of this library without registering.
The institute has contracted with Vali-e-Asr library in Museum Complex and public libraries inside the city.
Students of the institute are allowed to use facilities of these libraries 

Currently there are 4 computer sites. One of them is equipped for public useˏ one for Master student and other two sites are for presenting subjects which require computers.

As a balance to academic life, the sport hall was established with full equipment in 1390(2011).
It’s been equipped with heating and cooling systems and ready to offer a wide range of services for students.
This multi-purpose sport hall can be utilized for futsal , volleyball , badminton and etc… Students can refer to physical education office in order to use this sport hall.
Allameh Jafari University holds sports event annually to create both an academic and a fresh quality at university.
These events consist of various competitions such as Futsal, Volleyball, and Ping-Pong ,Darts, shooting, Running, Chess and Badminton.
At the end winners will be rewarded in a celebration.

The construction of this mosque was started on Imam Hasan birthday anniversary.
It is utilized everyday for everyday prays and throughout the year for various religious events. 

This hall was opened in 1393 (2013) and several ceremonies are hold in this hall.

This is a place to celebrate all the social and national events as well as academic achievements.

Home facilities Sport hall facilities